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Instructional Technology Grants

Instructional Technology Grants provide seed funding to encourage the SUNY community to address advisory priorities identified by the SUNY Provost. Those proposals demonstrating support of the FACT2 Task Groups or other initiatives in support of the SUNY Strategic Plan will be given funding preference.

For more information, visit the Instructional Technology Grants webpage.

Conference on Instruction & Technologies (CIT)

CIT was established in 1992 to provide faculty and instructional support professsionals an opportunity to share common experiences and expertise, discuss challenges, brainstorm solutions, and explore innovative avenues for improving the learning environment with technology.

CIT is hosted each year at a different SUNY campus. This affordable conference, featuring an on-campus housing environment and conference rooms creates an informal atmosphere of sharing and networking among colleagues. The resultant camaraderie promotes sharing by discipline and across disciplines among faculty from all campus types-university centers, four-year campuses, technology/specialized colleges, and community colleges.

Scholarships offered by FACT2 encourage broad participation.

For more information, visit the CIT website.

Programs Administered by the Provost's Office with support from FACT2

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